2017 Broom & Button Cup Finals

We finished up our 2017 winter curling season with the Broom & Button Cup finals, our first superlatives B event finals, broomstacking Yankee swap, and plenty of ugly Christmas sweaters.

This year had Andy Flynn, Jim Chaplin, Becca Hurd and Dee Chaplin playing against Kieran Chapman, Jonathan So, Andrew Jussaume and Lisa Davis. The game was a close one and ultimately tied at 7 after eight ends, forcing the skips to draw to the button to determine the winner. Kieran was able to put one inches from the pin for the game.

For the inaugural “Joanna Falkof Spirit Bowl” B event, the teams were:

Oh thank god they’re on snack duty (best broomstacking snacks): Joanna
Best dressed: James
Cold and wet (pebbling): Blake
I got you (most helpful): Patrick


___ got me drunk (best drinks): Kendall
Gettin’ the word out (social media): Caitlin
Nice broom & I got you: Brendan
The forklift (carrying stones): Jamie

Thanks to everyone for a great season, and we look forward to the winter half starting in January. Good curling!